Hi, I'm new to VE development, so I wanted to confirm a few points. For my app, I need the following:

  • user-editable shapes, scratch pad functionality
  • fetching the shapes' long+lat and storing them in my database
  • checking if a point is within this custom shape

Is this true that none of this is currently available in the SDK and has to be implemented independently Are there any plans to add this to the SDK

Re: Shape editing revisited


You use VE methods to acheive these functions.

There are no "built in" scratchpad, editably shapes or bounds logic but you certianly have the tools to do it yourself allowing this to be very customised.

We have been asking for some samples of how the maps.live.com guys did this but with no responce.

Letting a user draw a shape is pretty trival, we can capture a click on the map get the lat/long and build up a polyline or polygon. When they "save" you can send this data using ajax through to your database, to check a point is within this shape there are algorithms out there - one was posted just the other day.

What we lack is the nice user editable shapes and shape selection from maps.live.com.

So Short answer No.


Re: Shape editing revisited


Thanks for the quick and to-the-point response!