Has anybody discovered a way to convert / export shape files to GeoRSS compliant XML Specifically, I'm working with the 2000 US Census TIGER data (specifically the school district boundaries) and ArcMap 9.1.

So far, I've been able to open up the files, but I need to (a) convert them to Mercator projection and WGS84 coordinate system, and (b) export each vertice of each polygon to an XML file.

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Jared H

This utility will output KML files from .shp files. From there you can apply an XSLT to generate GeoRSS spec'd files. There are links on that site that also help with the technical underpinnings of the binary format, and the wikipedia article is a nice overview as well. I've been working on my own converters for both shapefiles as well as KML to GeoRSS, as time permits, doesn't seem like there's much in the open source arena yet for such utilities...

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Hello there guys

I had the same problem.I have shape files that i would like to convert to a format that i can use in VE and Map Point. Since you have made the post have you come across of any utility that will allow us to do that

The conversion from Shape file to GeoRss Is that a go



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Hello There.

I am very interested in a KML to GeoRSS converter and was wondering if you have made any progress on that and if you are using GeoRSS GML or Simple

Thanks in advance...


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One of my associates (with more experience working with binary files) managed to write a small ESRI shape file reader in C#...it spits out a collection of custom polygon objects, which I then loop trhough and write out in the GeoRSS XML format.

Check this link for full specs. on the ESRI shape file format...


The only hurdle that we haven't resolved with this yet are "donut" polygons (where you have more than one polygon associated with a particular shape, and it punches out an exclusionary area).