Francisc Stugren


The main live maps site uses a navigation control that can be minimized - close to the "3D" button there's a button with a "v" or a caret "^" that can be clicked to minimize/maximize the navigation control.

This functionality does not seem to be available when using the javascript API. All we can do is call map.HideDashboard() and map.ShowDashboard() to hide/show the whole control.

Is the minimize control actually a custom control overlapped with the navigation control If so, are there any plans to expose it in the API



Re: Minimize the nav control

Derek Chan

Looks like a new feature that has recently been rolled out on  So no, you can't put that feature in yet.  Just wait till a new release comes out.

Re: Minimize the nav control


Its been on for a while.

There are many features on that site that are not part of the API unfortunatly. That said you can put content ontop of the dashboard, a div with the ^ symbol for example. I haven't done it but the dashboard has a style of "Dashboard", maybe try setting its height in javascript. You need to be careful about getting its ID as you can have more then one map on a page.

Let us know if you get it working.