Is there a way that I can find out all of the tiles for a given extent for a given zoom level For example, say I have an extent with a upper left coordinate pair of (45.00,-117.00) and a lower right coordinate pair of (44.00,-116.00). How would I go about generating all of the tile numbers for that extent for zoom level, say, 10

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hi jim

if you have ArcGIS, the Arc2Earth extension will calculate and create tiles for you automatically. If you don't have ArcGIS, we can also create the tiles for you as a service



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Between this article and the Worldwind code you can go the other direction from tilename to latlong.

You just need to reverse the logic. It should be possible, depends why you want this - obv as brian mentioned others have done this in products already.



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Jared H

Agreed with Brian and John on the apps and articles mentioned...last thought is the snappy MapCruncher product from the Research team. If you haven't tried that yet I highly recommend it, especially with the upgraded API support for the rendered layers.