I noticed that the dashboard navigation control in v4 looks different than the one in v3. Does anyone know of an easy way to get it back to the original format without having to implement my own custom version of the dashboard (navigation arrows, etc...)



Re: Using the DashBoard Control from v3 in v4


I think they redesigned it to take up less room and obviously support the 3D controls.

I think the whole dashboard navigation thing need to be better supported, for example the dashboard just got a mini map and a better birdseye control but when this suddenly become the default or if we get it at all is unknown.

Maybe the VE team could post the code to create the V3,V4 and new dashboards and host them somewhere That way we can impliment it as a custom dashboard more easily and extend it to suit our purposes


Re: Using the DashBoard Control from v3 in v4

Derek Chan

From my knowledge there is no way to go back to the V3 dashboard. You'll have to hack up the current V4 dashboard to make it look like the V3 if your really daring