You use utalize Map Cruncher to create a map, it requires you includes 3 .js files instead of the normal 1, as well as including an .xml file.

However, if you use AddTileSource() to overlay custom tiles you don't need all that map Cruncher overhead.

What is the benefits of using Map Cruncher over the AddTileSource()

Can you still zoom in further then 19 using AddTileSource() ... Map Cruncher allows for zoom up to 32.


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I'm not an expert by any definition of the word but I've been playing with VE overlays for a little bit now.

For my purposes I originally considered rendering the outlines I wanted using Polys but it was too slow in IE6 (terrible, terrible JS engine) so I started mucking with overlays. It wasn't far into my investigation of building a tile set before MapCruncher came up... The main advantage of it is that you just feed in your image, set a transparency colour set (if necesary) and hit "Render". The app spits out your tiles for zoom levels as far as you want to go. The extra JS files they give you mean you don't need to worry about how the tiles are actually layed out in VE. Like I said, I'm new -- I don't even know how the tiles are layed out -- but I'm able to render a nice data colour index over VE. That's the beauty of MapCruncher.

My main problem now is that it looks terrible in IE6 and 7. My coloured areas are beautifully alpha'd and transparent (as desired) in firefox but even with Lewis Harvey's fix I can only get transparency in IE7 (no alpha) and IE6 just makes me cringe.

Does anyone know if creating my own tile source by hand would fix the IE issues As far as I can tell so far it's the browsers fault so cruncher vs hand made shouldn't matter.


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it's not the map tiles, as you said they show up perfectly in FF. It's how the alpha component of PNGs is being displayed (err, or not used) in the case of IE6/IE7. VE fixed displaying just a transparent color key in IE7 but the alpha channel is ignored. IMO, this is still a big issue. Overlays that are partly transparent so you can see the underlying satellite photography is a big draw for many people.

need a fix on this ASAP and FWIW, Google Maps displays these tiles perfectly in IE.



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I agree. Make sure you list it here:!2BBC66E99FDCDB98!8041.entry