I wood like two able see my xbox live windows contact whan i log in live maps.And when they are online.

Re: windows live etc.


What you need to do is build your own "mashup". That is you need to draw data from many services and "mash" them together.

I don't know how the xbox system works but i assume (badly most likely) it is similar to messenger What you need is a service to get your friends details, location and "presence" (online status). If the location is only a textual address you then need to geocode that field to get a latitude and longitude.

If that sounds all too hard a simple way maybe to create a collection on In the image URL field add the perminant url for your friends gamer cards and manually position them The only public location details i see is a country.

Or maybe try a mixture of both If you can point me to what data sources are availible I'm sure I can help more.


Re: windows live etc.


The right info thank you what you of these ideas.

microsoft reader and jellyfish two great windows live web site what do you think about these ideas.

These two web sites wood a great windows live web sites.

This i wood like able two do with microsoft points you buy four the xbox live arcade.
If do not use up all point i wood two dodate the points school or charity.
Next silver light need two intergated windows messages and live map.
Xbox live needs two intergated with live map so when my friend are online i can see when there at home or work or there cell phone.When log into live my friend address and work addres and if there on there cell phone.
Windows live account i bee able in a avatar and home and middle name.
Windows live search i like two able two share what iam looking online my friends online need two intergated with windows live messager.What i seeach four i like two able save it online and share with my friend online with windows messager.
Windows live sky drive need alert so when i put file in two folder one friend he will it is there down load.
Windows live expo needs windows live wallet.
Popfly is a great product and it is a lot of fun two use.It need two bee intergated more with windows live space.And windows live messsager.And themes wood nice two have like windows live space.
Zune card needs two intergated windows live space.

My friends have come with some new ideas
Share rss feeds on windows live messager.
Windows live notebook

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