I would like to be able to create mashups that finds my list of Facebook friends, and a) puts their profile photo into one of the photo apps (like tiles, or sphere) and 2) places their photos onto a map based on their city. If anyone has a list of steps, or video tutorial that would be great!

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Aaron Brethorst MSFT

Hey Alan - I think that Facebook will be one of the next blocks for which we add a tutorial, which should help a lot. In the mean time, you check out my PileOFriends mashup (available through my profile page on Popfly; my user name is aaron), which shows an example of pulling all of this data from Facebook. Also, please note that you'll need to get a developer key in order to use Facebook's services.



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I went to your profile and your PileoFriends doesn't work. I'm trying to make a PhotoStack of photos of me from Facebook, but I keep getting something else. What's the deal with that

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I've been messing around a lot with Facebook mashups. I've made a mashup that fits (a), it's called the FBFriendsStack. It gets all of my Facebook friends and displays their profile pictures in a PhotoStack. If you'd like to see it, check it out on my profile:

Basically I used two Facebook blocks and one PhotoStack block. I like to drag all the blocks onto my work area first; you can do that if you want.

1. Set the first FB block, Facebook, to "getFriends();". There are no parameters for that.

2. Connect the first FB block to the second FB block, Facebook (2), and set FaceBook (2) to "getUserInfo();". The single parameter, 'userID', should be reteived from Facebook and should be the field "id".

3. Connect the second FB block to the PhotoStack block (or other image block of your choice). For PhotoStack, parameter 'imageURL' should be retreived from Facebook (2) and set to "photoURL" (this is the person's user picture). For my mashup I like to display the person's name with the picture, so the second parameter 'title' I set to "name"- again, from Facebook (2).

I also happen to be working on a Facebook Friends Map, which sounds like what you're trying to do with your second project.

Hope this helps!