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Welcome to the discussion forum for Windows Live ID!

This forum has been created to provide a place where developers can discuss not only Windows Live ID concepts and plans for the SDKs, but also general discussions around identity and authentication as they apply to Microsoft online services.

For an introduction to Windows Live ID, I encourage you to check out these resources:

  1. Whitepaper on MSDN which describes our platform and how we integrate in the Identity Metasystem.
  2. Team blog at which has information on our new sign-in UI and multi-user support, as well as the Windows Live Sign-in Assistant.

Currently, we do not have any public SDKs for development against Windows Live ID, but we have big plans for opening the platform soon.

The first SDK we'll be opening up later this year is a Windows Live ID client SDK which will enable you to create rich clients that can authenticate users so they can access other authenticated APIs exposed by the other Windows Live teams.

This discussion forum is not for customer support. To resolve end-user issues, please use one of the following 2 options:

  1. Account Services (self-care for password reset, reporting security concern, closing account)
  2. Contact customer support through our web-form


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I'd love to get your comments and thoughts on some of the issues with changing email address's with accounts as well as the tight integration between some of the systems and services Microsoft offer.

More information is here.

I don't intend to hassle, just looking for answers as are several users, with some small changes the LiveID system could be great but as it is now, it certainly has it's flaws.

Thanks for your time.

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The link to the whitepaper is broken. Can you update it please