I have alis tof 1500 shops/stores in a GeoCode.xml file.  I have been able to take a single store, put it into a xml and then run VE and get the shop to show with a pushpin!! Woot!

Anyway, what I need to do is take the address entered by a consumer and then get the 5-10 nearbies of my 1500 and pushpin them.  The pushpinnning is easy, the nearbies is not.    The MSDN site for Virutal Earth mentions "proximity search capabilities" but then the next page has 10ish demos/wlakthroughs and none are "proximity searches"

Any thoughts out there

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I am also having similar problem

Shall i ask you how you had depicted all the details of that stores. Have you noted all the latitude and longitude of all the stores or simply using the search criteria to search the stores in the map.



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Virtual Earth has a FindNearby() function that is designed to find a "what" like pizza near the current view.

It search MS's data only. This is not helpful for your own data.

I would parse your xml file into an array and impliment your own proximity search in javascript.

I beleive there is code posted on this forum (way back, i think July/August) for parsing the geoRSS files.

You could attach to an event of the map to render nearby pins or search based on a textbox (nice type ahead style for example) or something else.


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Derek Chan

An alternative (and more systematic approach) is to use the mappoint web service to do your find nearby calls, and then parse the results into HTML which is fed into the VE control