I need to draw circles on the map and I have found the posts that have the function to draw true circles by using polygons, but I was wondering at what point does the polygon stop looking like a circle I'm going to be drawing circles with a radius of no more than 5 miles (Most of them will have a 300 ft radius). I created a circle, using the polygon function I found in the forum, with a radius of 150 miles and it looked like a normal circle.

So couldn't I just use the oval object from vml to draw circles on my map Since I won't see a difference

Re: true cirlces on the map

Keith Kinnan

Yes, true circles are not currently supported with the v4 APIs. However, as you suggest, you can use the oval object from VML to draw your own circles on the map. For Firefox, you can use the circle SVG object. The following thread has a VML oval example:

http://forums.microsoft.com/MSDN/ShowPost.aspx PostID=577467&SiteID=1

Re: true cirlces on the map


issue you face are:

1) different code for IE vs FF

2) it won't be an accurate circle on the earth, only the screen.

3) it won't stick to the map when you pan / zoom, you need to do this yourself.

Clearly you have seen this:


I would be also be inquiring about what we may see in this Version 5 release comming up.


Re: true cirlces on the map


How inaccurate will a vml oval be with a 500ft radius

From what I could see it's pretty accurate until you draw huge a oval with a 500 mile radius.