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I just want to say hi to everyone on the forum here.

I am Joshua Lee working at Microsoft Enterprise Service ISV Practice as an Enterprise Strategy Consultant. My main role is to consult Independent Software Vendors to architect/design/develop their strategic plans and applications on MS .NET Platform.

Recently, I also wear another hat in the Windows Live Platform Service Scout Team. When this hat is on, my focus is working with MS field staff, selective strategy partners and customers to enable them leveraging Windows Live Platform Service ( technologies) as a foundation to build their applications/web sites. I am working on content, training, Quickapps, best practices and what not.

I understand there have been some concerns on not getting much answers from this forum. I understand your frustration. Microsoft is actively soliciting more moderators to help address the issues. My teammate Ben Williams will be joining in too. My evening hours have already spoken for. Nevertheless, I will try my best to help out and get to the most common unanswered questions.

If I may, I like to ask everyone to pitch in as you already do to help each other. That would really help us to sort out the key unanswered questions that the communities dont already have the knowledge. Honestly, as Windows Live Platform is evolving so quickly, Im also learning it as I go like you do. So please excuse me if I might not have the perfect answers. Oh, Im also learning how to use the tools to work with the forum posting here. Also, if you could say hi and introduce a little bit about yourself that would be great. Love to get to know you a bit more. Anyway, look forward to talk (or I should say type) with you more!

Here is more of my background if you're interested. I joined Microsoft over 9 years ago. I started off at Developer Support in Internet Explorer Development Team as a Developer Support Engineer. The technology I supported was anything under the sun related to development against Internet Explorer like DHTML, XML, ActiveX Control, BHO. I was a while back. With luck, I still find one of my webcast on Internet Code Download. J (Please dont ask me anything around it as I probably lost it all already. Stick out tongue) Then I became a Content Lead in the team in charge of tech reviewing all the KB articles in IE Development area. After 3 years, I moved to my current team. My technology focus grows from C#, .NET CLR, ASP.NET, ADO.NET to WCF and WPF. My role has revolving more focus on architectural and performance issues. Of course now I add on Windows Live Platform too. Before I joined Microsoft, I was a client server developer on Visual Basic with Access and MS SQL Server.

In my personal life, Im currently in my 2nd year of my full time Executive MBA degree at University of Washington. Love the program with the unique class schedule, well-qualified professors and excellent staff support. Check it out if you are thinking about an EMBA. Im also a proud owner of 2 lovely Beagle girls. They live with me in a lovely rural farm area in Seattle. When I have time (like when ), I love doing photography and going down a race track to lap around.

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Great. Hope this works out as MS planned!