This has bothered me for a long time - when you go to virtual earth, or anything that uses virtual earth mapping services, and you're searching a city like Phoenix, as soon as you start zooming in you get all of the trailer parks. Why is this, and how can it be stopped

It seems like maybe the developers were trying to show all parks... but trailer parks came up instead. It's really odd, especially since Phoenix isn't known for it's trailer parks - I think that would be a southern thing - and since we have more parkland per capita than any city in the US, including the two largest urban parks in the world.

As a former city of Phoenix planning committee member, I guess I'm just showing my community pride, but I hate going to and zooming in and seeing nothing but trailer parks listed - why not regular parks, shopping malls, neighborhood cores, historic neighborhood names, etc., etc.

Thanks everyone for at least letting me know why this is happening and perhaps how to put an end to it!


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Caleb T

Yeah, that's kinda ugly. I checked with the data team, and that's how the data comes in from the provider. The trailer parks are set up as "populated places", so they can't even be filtered out (you'll notice that G Maps has the same data and therefore the same problem...)

As for why Phoenix seems to be worse, I can only guess that there was some historic reason why the trailer parks were considered "suburbs" or something, but that's entirely a guess.

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Derek Chan


Caleb is correct in that everything you see on a VE map is "baked" on such that you cannot remove them off the map. As to why those points of interests are on the map is decided by third party map vendors who supply the information to Microsoft.