i guess no one here knows what this is about...and no it has nothing to do with the time and date cause i checked and its set properly i even changed it so it was wrong and back to the right time and date .....still didn't work

i can't log into msn messenger and to no big suprise internet explorer is stuck on some messed up page from germany I DONT even use IE but its messed up too

this only empowers my opinions about microsoft

Re: error 80048820 extended- 80048406

here in my case it had to do with a proxy...odd cause i DONT use IE

with a little research on other sites


  • The system clock may be set incorrectly.
  • The Dynamic Link Library (DLL) softpub.dll, may not be registered on the system.
  • Internet Explorer may be using an invalid proxy server.
taken from


Re: error 80048820 extended- 80048406


i have the same exact problem!!!

When i run internet explorer i get a froighn language page and i cant change the page.

Also i cant log into msn messenger.

So i got firefox.