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Hi there,

Okay so does anyone know how it might be possible to integrate a Windows Live ID sign in into Joomla, this can be for both 1.0x and 1.5 versions it doesnt matter for me. ( it is a popular CMS system that many people use, it has its own sign in system etc.

If anyone could start me off in the right place this would be great, i will be very grateful to you

You might want to have a look at this article to see how it could be implemented into Joomla: There is an SDK kit and loads of info but i just need to know where to start.

Cheers everyone, !!

Re: Need Help Integrating with Joomla!

I am N0T sMA4T

I also have the same problem, I have Joomla as well.

BUT, it wont work by putting it in the login system that you have. Wich is probrobaly CB. It needs it own page and module. The module its self will have the code with the IFRAME in it.
I dont know if I am making any sence, but i am confused.

Re: Need Help Integrating with Joomla!

Jorgen Thelin - MSFT

First place to look for info on how Live ID WebAuth works are the SDK docs on MSDN:

In addition, here's some details of how the guys at integrated Live ID WebAuth into their site, including the login module they wrote for Community Server:

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1 aM N0t SmaRt

First, I thank you for your help
Second, It didnt help me. I tried the links you gave me, but they didnt help. I am only trying to understand the code and how to put them. I changed the iframe id and I also changed mycontent or what ever. Then I put the cookie code under it. It didnt work. Can you show me how to put it