I would like to see more real working examples
It still seems that the most used "home-programmer" application is Visual Basic 6

Is it possible to use VB6 for WLID SDK (even by calling an WinAPI)
I know it isn't a .net application but is it possible

Also... What about COM calls... Many existing programs still use com calls as a means to interact with other applications... It would be nice to be able to use COM objects to get information from WLID SDK.

Are the above two possible and if so, Could someone please provide examples...
I would really like to see this take off...

Joshua Davison

Re: WLID Examples

Josh Brown - MSFT

The Client SDK contains a sample application, written in C#, demonstrating sign-in, personalization and Windows Live Service integration in a windows forms application. You can download the SDK from here:

http://connect.microsoft.com/site/sitehome.aspx SiteID=347

The API is managed, so it should be usable from other .Net languages such as VB.Net, but I have personally not tested it (yet). Also, I know that managed APIs can be exposed as a COM interface, but this scenario has not been tested and is not within the supported scenarios for the current release of the Client SDK.

If you can be more detailed in your feedback and describe how you would like to use the Client SDK then I will make sure your feedback is considered for possible inclusion in a future release.

Re: WLID Examples


Here's a much more common scenario for you to include in your SDK samples then:

I have a shopping cart that sells things related to my nice Windows product. I'd like only Live authenticated people to be able to buy things from my store. My shopping cart software is completely written in PHP. How do I use Windows Live ID to authenticate my customers

Re: WLID Examples


What i was actually referring to was more sample applications, such as in VB etc, other programming languages that people use