I liked very much the procedure Terminate() : when testing on WLM it was very usefull. But it hasn't been working anymore since I downloaded the latest release of Colloquis IDE:
Is this procedure replaced by something equivalent


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Tom Ragle - MSFT

Since Terminate() restarts the queryserver, it's normally only used by our Ops Dept. What are you using it for

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I am working alone on my bot, and the query server I'm using is on my computer, used by anyone else: restarting the query server wasn't a problem for me.
Sometimes, the results are different between Colloquis IDE and WLM.
At each code modification, without the procedure Terminate() there are two ways to test the bot on WLM (the ones I have found, if there are others, I take them!) : waiting for the next update (each 5 minutes), or restarting all the bot (button "restart" on "monitoring and control" tab of Windows Live Agents management console). The first one is really too long, and I thought the second one was longer than to call the procedure Terminate().
I admit that it was the most usefull for me when I had a proxy issue, my bot accepted to be started only one time on ten: it was very dangerous to click on "restart" when it was working, I was quite certain that it wouldn't restart. So the procedure Terminate was my saviour: I didn't have to wait five minutes or to take the risk of stopping definitely the bot.
So if you tell me know it won't work anymore, it won't be very bad.

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François Huet - MSFT

If I understand your set up correctly, all you need to do is open task manager and kill the "queryserverd" process to do essentially the same thing as Terminate(). That might even be a tad faster.

Let me know if that works for you,


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damien saimt macary


First, you can increase the refresh rate for reloads by editing the dls file:

<domain-list import="lib:/KnowledgeEditor/KnowledgeManagement.dls">

<!-- ... -->


<define name="REPOSITORY_UPDATE_FREQUENCY">every 30 seconds</define>



Or, you can force a reload right away in BuddyScript:

Reload me please!

EXTRA.synchronous = true // default is true

EXTRA.preserve_agent_vars = true // default is false

RES = ZeroDowntimeReloadScriptFiles(EXTRA)

- Proceeding...

ZeroDowntimeReloadScriptFiles is the built-in function that actually gets called every 5 minutes by a background proc in your agent.


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Francois Huet >> killing the "queryserverd" process works well thank you
damien saimt macary >>
1. I don't really need to increase the refresh rate for reloads in my situation, I can't just wait for refreshing. But the information is good to know.
2. I have tried your "reload me" command and it doesn't seem to work. Since Francois Huet gave me a good tip, it will be ok.

Thank you very much