when cretaing a web page I want to insert images but the creator says me that I don't have uploaded images to my gallery ;

so how can I upload images to my gallery

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You have saved the page, right (Because the editor says that it cannot add images to na unsaved page.)

When you click on the "insert image" button, a dialog appears, displaying your gallery. At the very bottom of this dialog there are three buttons "upload pictures", "ok", "cancel", so the first one opens an extended file upload dialog.

If you cannot see the complete dialog, try to close it with the [x] button, then reopen it. It seems that on smaller screens the lower part of the dialog might be hidden by the page footer.

Re: I need help !!!!


I had to solve the problem by closing 3 of my toolbars to be able to view the upload

I have merrian webster ;windows live;google,adobe

It would maybe be interesting to put the upload button higher if possible

I have a 19 inch samsung screen

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Timothy Rice MSFT

Sounds like a great suggestion, I'll log it. Thanks Germaine!