Hi Everyone

Hopefully osme bright spark can help me ! ! !

I am trying to create a mashup using Facebook and the Photosphere - dead easy one would think!

I have followed the video tutorial, but there seems to be a discrepancy between the Facebook pages in the tutorial about the developer keys, and the pages i get when i click the hyperlinks

In Facebook i registered for a Developer Account, but i only get the Key if i setup an application.

Well i dont want to build a facebook app, i want the key for Popfly.

has anyone else had problems wih this If so is there a work around!

Much appreciated

PS Loving Popfly - have encoutered a few glitches with saving but apart from that its pretty slick

Re: Facebook Issue


Sadly enough the launch of the new Facebook book developer platform was shortley after we updated our site rendering the video obsolete. Fixes for this will be in the next release.

In the mean time you can still get the appropiate keys by doing the following:

Go to the Facebook developer site

Create an Application

Copy the Secret & API keys

In Popfly mashup editor add the Facebook block and click on the "Missing Key" link under the block

Enter the Secret & API keys into the form

To get the token you need to go to: &v=1.0&api_key=<API_KEY>

However if you don't want to create your own application we will have this addressed in a few weeks.

Re: Facebook Issue

Marc Woolfson


I noticed the same problem but for some reason I cannot create a new application on Facebook at the moment in order to get the key. I keep receiving the following error:

API key request failed. You may be missing some fields.

Any ideas


Re: Facebook Issue


There are some optional field which you don't normally need to fill in, so they shouldn't be causing this issue. I believe the only required fields are the name of the application and agreeing to the terms of service.

The best solution for now might be too hold on a few weeks.

Re: Facebook Issue


The platform is experiencing issues right now. Try tomorrow.

Re: Facebook Issue


Andy, I am trying to do something similar. I added a Facebook Block, and was able to get my keys. I conntected it to PhotoTiles, but the pictures that show up are not my Facebook friends, they are 22 people I don't know. Is there some parameter passing I need to set up

Re: Facebook Issue


In preview mode we use the friends for "Popfly Team", by chance did you see an alert (popup) message when you first added the Facebook block

When you save and run you will see your friends, the save action creates the link between the mashup and your keys.

Re: Facebook Issue


You know, I noticed the same exact thing and I wondered "Who in the world are these people " I didn't remember the pop-up until I read this post.

Re: Facebook Issue



Basically it's this way because we wanted users to be able to play with blocks in preview mode and not have to signup for a key, all the key required blocks work in preview even if you don't have a key.

Of course once you have a key this makes less sense....

Re: Facebook Issue


Oh gees! Thank you Andy, I'll go hide my head in shame. Thank you for your quick answer. It works just fine now. Great job by you and your team.

Re: Facebook Issue


Thanks for your response.

I went through and setup a blank app in facebook and got all the keys.

So i then went back into popfly, created a fresh mashup with a facebook block and the photosphere.

Everything seems to be fine, it save, and when i click preview i recieve an error message stating:-

Silverlight error message
ErrorCode: 3001
ErrorType: ImageError
Message: AG_E_Invalid_FILE_FORMAT

I am not sure where this error is coming from The Facebook images being the wrong format

I am not sure....

Re: Facebook Issue

Timothy Rice MSFT

Silverlight does have some image format limitations. Is this during preview or were you actually running the mashup (to see your friends instead of the popfly people)