I'm planning a game for the P4 window, and want to store the game results so that they can be displayed by country afterwards.

Obviously, I can grab the current locale of a player through the browser in the P4 window, but that wouldn't necessarily match the locale that they signed up with.

Is there any way to grab that locale, i.e. their Passport locale, that I've overlooked


Re: Getting the locale of a user


As far as I can see it is not possible with the activity SDK. The only thing that might work is getting their e-mail address and use some other SDK to get their locale, but I don't know if there is such a service (I haven't heard of it).
So the best thing for now would probably be to grab the browsers locale and use that, and also make it possible to let the user choose another one.
It would be a good addition to the SDK, to have some User.Locale property. I hereby request it.