Jamie Thomson


I am writing to ask if there are any synergies going on between you Live ID folks and the cardspace folks Obviously the two operate in the same space (though I admit to knowing next to nothing about Cardspace) so I'm wondering which will form Microsoft's authentication story going forward.

As I understand it Cardspace ties pretty well to OpenID and Microsoft have openly stated that they will support OpenID with Cardspace (http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/press/2007/feb07/02-06RSA07KeynotePR.mspx).

If Microsoft are pushing Cardspace for OpenID, where does that leave Live ID auth



Re: Live ID and cardspace

Alex Media

I've authenticated myself with an InfoCard several times, this was on the live-int domain.

If you browse to http://account.live-int.com you will have to authenticate yourself, there will be the word 'Password' with a small arrow next to it. If you click that, you will get a dropdown allowing you the choice between Password and Information Card. Select Information Card and CardSpace will pop up.

I expect this feature to become available on the production environment later.

Re: Live ID and cardspace

Angus Logan (Windows Live)


for live id web authentication we support self issued information cards;

try it here; https://login.live.com/ppsecure/post.srf appid=001600008000230E&alg=wsignin1.0&appctx=myContext&bk=1187287144&ru=http://localhost/foo.aspx

just select in the password drop down Information Card.

Re: Live ID and cardspace

Don Woods

I've been playing with cardspace for a while. Something I think can be useful is managed cards using liveId as an authentication scheme. Right now the authentication schemes for a managed card are Kerberos, username and smartcard. So, if LiveId is another option, the users identity can be verified easilly.

I'm not sure how Microsft will integrate this in their architecture. But, it will make a revolution .