I haveto develop a messenger add-in that scans incoming files from live messenger for viruses.
So my question is:
Is it generally possible to get a handle or something else on an incoming file I only found the MessengerClient.IncomingTextMessage event in the Messenger Add-in SDK doc but this is not what I was looking for. Is there any event if the user receives a file

I hope you can help me,
thanks a lot

Re: Information about incoming files

Jeroen Bransen - J-Thread

I am afraid that is not possible... In my opinion, the Add In SDK is still way too limited, and I believe that we can only wait untill Microsoft adds functionalities like these to the SDK...

Re: Information about incoming files


You know that Live Messenger can do this for you without an add-in

Look in Tools->Options and the "File Transer" Tab.

There you'll find a checkbox that says "Scan files for viruses using:".

Check it and browse to your installed antivirus scanner.