Just a newbie question. I've searched through the forum with no luck, so I assume I'm missing the most obvious thing.

I made a simple gadget to make a random gauge, which works fine.


When I add this to a web page, I have a box added to show who made it and resized the area for the item to be larger than I need. How do I turn this off I only want the gauge.


Thanks for any help

Re: Removing the about box


In the future we will be reducing the amount of chrome around creations and making it less obtrusive.


Re: Removing the about box


Does that imply that I cannot change the display settings

I just need it to display as it previews.

Re: Removing the about box


You can't remove the branding from the top corner, if you want to see the mashup in the full run time shell which looks like the preview time version. You can view this by clicking on your project from "My Page" or "My Projects".