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We gotta this tool to develop 3D building on Google Maps, and what about Virtual Earth, what we have


Re: Sketchup for Google Earth and .... for Virtual Earth??


Rumour abounds that MS are preparing similar tools, with recent partnership details they have released it seems this may be the case. However currently there is not official word at all so we will have to wait and see.

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Re: Sketchup for Google Earth and .... for Virtual Earth??

Dot Net Webs

I too would like this and would like to be able to go one stage further. I have dabbled with trueSpace for years and would love to be able to import trueSpace models (or 3DS etc.) into Virtual Earth. I have recently been discussing this in the trueSpace forums:
I think if Microsoft go down this route there is a huge potential for further development.
On a similar note does anybody know how the current 3D buildings in Virtual Earth are generated I was looking at Eastbourne in the UK recently and just about the entire town has been rendered in 3D. I am assuming that some sort of 2D image interpretation software must have been used (using photographs from multiple angles). There is simply to many buildings for them to have been manually created.