Is there any way to define the line and fill settings for polygons in a GeoRSS file



Re: line and fill settings in georss

Derek Chan

I don't think so, however remember that when your GeoRSS file is added to the map, its added to a VELayer as a shape, and then the VELayer is added to the map behind the scenes. What you'll need to do is grab the ID of the VElayer that contains the polygon, then grab the shape inside the layer, and then modify the Shape.SetFillColor and Shape.SetLineColor appropriately. You can find more information on those methods here:


If you need to find what layers you have on the map, you can loop through this method:

VEMap.GetShapeLayerByIndex(index) - where index is an integer, you can now loops through all your shape layers to find out exactly what is stuck on the map. If you directly add shapes to the map without using layers, it is added to the first layer (index = 0)

Hope that helps,

Re: line and fill settings in georss


I have heard that behind the scenes the map uses the RSS to create the shapes and layers much the same way you would by hand.

For that reason I'm not going to use the georss feature, but and going to do it inline. This will give me access to the shapes prior to adding them to the layer.