Hi I am about to start a project where I want to explore GPS paths in a 3D environment.

I want the user to be able to press a play button and then follow the path she/he earlier traversed.

I want to display icons representing the persons and if possiable plot images direct in to the scen that the persons have taken.

Would this be possible to implement in virtual earth

Grateful for every answer,


Re: 3D Possibilities?



It would definatly me possible, but take alot of coding and there is nothing 'off the shelf' to do this.

To be honest if you are looking for a quick solution that does 90% of what you want then Google Earth Pro is a better solution. You can import gps track logs and use the tour feature to fly along the line. You could add placemarks along the way with the images in.

For an example of whats possible please see this demo we put together:

Hope this helps

Brian Norman