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I'm getting 404 errors all day today when trying to connect to the WSDL's. Is the system down this weekend

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Same problem here.

The support will probably ask for the SOAP message once again... It is pretty annoying that we cannot rely on the API. We have errors too often.

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I have been getting "[SOAP Exception -1]" all morning and none of our code has changed, nd nothing on the server has changed either. It seems that issues mainly show up after schedule maintenance...like this past weekend. I hope that this will change with the next release because it has not been a good situation when I must tell our clients that I cannot fufill their requests until it is resolved.

On a positive note I will say that Jeff Dillon has tried his very best to help with our situations but the need for SOAP headers truly hinders our situation until we can get Fiddler installed!

Re: API Status

Shai Kariv - MSFT

We had a major upgrade throughout the weekend, you guys should have received the regular communication about system downtime. Please check back with our support that you have the right email address registered, for getting such notifications.