When using the Virtual Earth block to display results for Facebook's getFriends (or any other city-based lookup block), IF the user has more than one friend in a city, VE displays only the last person in the list for that city. All other people in the same city are hidden under the last one in the list.

Is there any kind of workaround for this

Re: Virtual Earth block question


No easy workaround :-(.

As you say the problem is that the geonames block i returning the excat same long lat for the friends so you can only see the last one. The only alternative to this is to do one of the following:

a) In custom code add a random extra distance

b) cluster the pins, if a location matches an existing location rather than creating a new pushping append the details to a string which will be used as the description text which can be HTML.

Neither solution would be easy to implement in Javascript though Sad

Re: Virtual Earth block question


That's too bad .

Maybe a future version of the VE block could catch when more than one item has the same exact Long/Lat, and automatically offset the items (slightly), based on the current zoom level Or is this something that should be done inside of VE itself