The reporting api is giving me a problem.
For the followign request when $date = 2006-12-12T00:00:00+00:00 , i get the data for the 11th
and when 2006-12-12T00:00:00+11:00 it gives me the data for the 12th

my $reportRequest = SOAP::Data->name("request" =>


SOAP::Data->name("ReportDates" =>

\SOAP::Data->name("dateTime")-> value($date)


SOAP::Data->name("ReportDateRange") -> value("Customized"),

SOAP::Data->name("ReportAggregation") -> value("Day"),

SOAP::Data->name("AccountId") -> value($accountId),

SOAP::Data->name("ReportLanguage") -> value("English"),

SOAP::Data->name("Format") -> value("CSV"),

SOAP::Data->name("Zipped") -> value ("false")


any one seeing the same problem

Re: reporting error


I'm seeing a reporting error, even though I'm using the same code I used Sunday, the last time I got reporting. I keep seeing 500 internal server errors that don't tell me anything.


Re: reporting error

Orest Bolohan

We've experienced some delays in downloading MSN reports for Monday and Tuesday, as well.
In fact, we were able to download Monday's reports on Wednesday and for Tuesday's reports we are still probing MSN from time to time...

I just received an e-mail from MSN letting me know these problems might persist until Thursday, Dec. 21.

Enjoy your Holidays,

Re: reporting error


Here also. Had to reschedule our crontab.

Regarding the first message, I get the correct report when I pass GMT+00:00 dates.