Trey Smith

I am in the process of adding the activity pane to my bot. I get the invite to open the pane and when I accept the pane opens...says connecting briefly and then I get just a blank page...all white. Just wondering the best way to troubleshoot this...currently I'm just trying to have it navigate to If you want to see the behavior the bot is just type loadpage to have it execute the page drive. Any ideas would be appreciated.


After doing a netmon trace I see the client request Http: Request, GET /7MEAPPSDIR/1

which returns a 301 moved permanently and redirects to Location: but rather than a get for I see :

Http: Request, GET /p4activity/activity.htm

from this host:


I don't know where it got that host name...anyway from there it gets all 304 not modified as a response

Re: Activity Pane not loading page

Gruia Pitigoi-Aron - MSFT


It looks like you are using the activity sample that is provided in the SDK, but have not overwritten to use your own activity.

You will need to overwrite these functions:

function overrides MSNSLPGetAgentMainP4ApplicationName()

return "Your activity name here"

function overrides MSNSLPGetAgentMainP4ApplicationId()

return "99995143" // (default app id for tests is usually 7, check the msgrp2p.xml file). 9995143 is the sample activity that is provisioned and points to

You will also need to place a msgrp2p.xml file on your local machine in your Messenger folder if you would like to do testing on the local machine. We provide a sample of that file in the activity sample, under p4activity.

More details on the msgrp2p.xml and developing activities in general can be found at the activity SDK website:

I hope this helps!


Re: Activity Pane not loading page

Trey Smith

Thanks for the quick response. This brings up another question though...the xml file has a url in it. In my case I need to be able to drive the activity pane to a variety of urls. Is there a method to do something like that In other words with one response from the bot I'd like to include a particular page...and in a different response yet another web page...ultimately there might be hundreds of urls that my bot would direct users to. Ultimately I'm not really doing activities, but rather acting as a traffic cop directing my users to different sites based on the questions they ask.

Re: Activity Pane not loading page

Gruia Pitigoi-Aron - MSFT

You can have that page driving logic in the JavaScript of your activity. So you direct all queries to one activity, and that in turn will open the appropriate web page. The current MSN Activity Music sample does pretty much exactly this.

Good luck!