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We've just released v3.0 of MSR MapCruncher for Virtual Earth, which allows you to quickly & easily overlay your own custom tile-sets for Virtual Earth from PDF, JPEG, TIFF and other image files.

You can find it here:

For a list of changes, see:

the MSR MapCruncher Team

Re: MSR MapCruncher v3.0 released


Great work.

I like "Supports zoom levels up to 32 (approximately .03mm/pixel). "

Now i can go a crunch the Core Duo circuit diagram into the lab at intel


Re: MSR MapCruncher v3.0 released


Iam facing a problem while using the Mapcruncher.
Following is the code snippet ----


var lat1 = 47.694512 ;
var long1 = -122.476273;

var lat2 = 47.533429;
var long2 = -122.200241;

function GetTiles()

var bounds = [new VELatLongRectangle(new VELatLong(lat1, long1),new VELatLong(lat2, long2))];
var tileSourceSpec = new VETileSourceSpecification();
tileSourceSpec.ID = "lidar";
tileSourceSpec.TileSource = "Images/level17.jpg";
tileSourceSpec.NumServers = 1;
tileSourceSpec.Bounds = bounds;
tileSourceSpec.MinZoom = 10;
tileSourceSpec.MaxZoom = 18;

var tileLayer = new VELayerSpecification(VELayerType.VETileSource,"1", "lidar");
tileLayer.ZIndex = 100;




When i use the above code, the given tile image covers the whole map. I only want that the tile image cover the specified bound region.

The effect is like when we use tile style for Desktop wallpaper( same image repeated several time over desktop ).

Please check the link to get a good idea .... image=errordi0.jpg

please mail me the solution at .



Re: MSR MapCruncher v3.0 released

Jandost Khoso


i am facing a problem while passing queryString as coordinates to MapCrunch page.

i am getting an exception about object null in my xml. whereas if i don't pass querystring it works perfect.

function LoadPage()


var x=getQueryVariable("x");

var y=getQueryVariable("y");

var zoom = getQueryVariable("zoom");


window.onresize = SetMapSize;

map = new VEMap('Map');



layerList = MSR.CVE.ImportLayersFromAnchorHRef("CrunchedLayers"); ////////////////////////////// ERROR /////////////////////////

MSR.CVE.StartAutomaticLegends(map, layerList);

var permalinkProvided = MSR.CVE.ApplyPermalink(map, document.layerCheckboxForm);

if (!permalinkProvided) {

MSR.CVE.ActivateAlphaLayer(map, layerList, 'New Layer');

MSR.CVE.SetCenterAndZoomForLayer(map, layerList, 'New Layer');


var pinID = 1;

var pin = new VEPushpin(


new VELatLong(x,y),


'My pushpin',

'This is pushpin number '+pinID



map.SetCenterAndZoom(new VELatLong(x,y),zoom);



Re: MSR MapCruncher v3.0 released


I found (window live search) very informative and quite user accessible. I can think of few features that can be added to make more informative.

If you want me to post those features, please contact me at this mail id: .

Re: MSR MapCruncher v3.0 released


great app let me try my hands over this

Re: MSR MapCruncher v3.0 released

Ranjit Singh


How do I get MSR Map Cruncher to work within a proxy server

I would like to know the the user agent string that needs to be added to the proxy settings for the Cruncher to work.


Re: MSR MapCruncher v3.0 released

Jeremy - MS Research

MapCruncher uses the .NET framework's HTTP libraries, which I think should get proxy settings from your global Internet settings -- the same one you should see when you get connection properties from Internet Explorer.

We don't set a user agent string.

Re: MSR MapCruncher v3.0 released


Ranjit Singh wrote:

How do I get MSR Map Cruncher to work within a proxy server

In case anyone still has this issue...

Following : FeedbackID=115468

I added this to my "machine.config" :

<defaultProxy enabled="true" useDefaultCredentials="true" />

...and suddenly it worked.