I am trying to put together a block to obtain Weather feeds from Weather.com. It requires that for the URL to get the feeds that you supply your Partner ID and License Key. I've added to the XML the URL to the Sign Up:


I've crafted the JS and XML to allow the user to enter the Partner ID and License Key in the Block and put together the corrent URL (which it does nicely). However, no matter what i always get prompted "Missing Key".

Anyone got an idea how to either force the 'Keys' to be provided via the sign up, or allow the key to be entered within the JS as parameters

I shared the block under the name WeatherDotCom.

All help appreciated.

Re: New Block - Requires two keys


At the moment we don't support user blocks that contain keys, they can be added to the manifest but the users has no way of entering them or using them, allowing them to be added to the manifest and saved was an oversight on our behalf :-(.

Basically we're concerned that keys are used by the API provider to restrict access to an API or to ensure that their user has agreed to the terms of use and we don't want to be a way to circumvent that.

For APIs that requires keys we would prefer to build a relationship with the API provider and be sure they are happy with how the block could be used and then include the block as a fully supported block. The starting off point for building a relationship with us is wepopfly [at] microsoft.com