Will Thompson


Hey all,

first off, as this is my first post, congrats to the PopFly team for releasing what looks like an awesome platform! I've already created a couple of mashups and adapted one of the default blocks. However, I can't get the combine block to work - there doesn't seem to be any output when I connect it to another block. I've shared all my work at http://www.popfly.ms/users/WillThompson...

Are there any examples of a working Combine block out there I suppose an addition to the tutorial system might be 'Search For Mashups That Use This Block' - that'd be useful!



Re: Combine block



I just ripped your mashup and took a look. You need to select [entire Photo object] in the Combine block so that all of the fields are passed to the Carousel block. You are only passing the ID, so the imageURL isn't available.

Hope this helps...