Can anyone help me get my Sprint Blackberry and my hotmail account to sync For some reason, I cannot get the software to work with my computer where you plug your phone in have have BlackBerry Device Manager sync. Was told that since I had it setup with an enterprise server at one time (had it removed and reset before I left the company) that the phone would not sync.

Anyway, I am unable to get my Contacts and Calander to sync to my phone. I get my email just fine, all though there is a huge delay.

Any help is appericated,


Re: Sprint Blackberry and Hotmail


what version of desktop manager are you running 4.0, 4.1,4.2 with sprint there is always huge delay

and what contacts are you trying to sync from phone book or email contacts hotmail duh try seeing if there is a plug in for phone options on your hotmail account settings

Re: Sprint Blackberry and Hotmail