I have a question regarding the Timer block and the display blocks.

When a timer block activates a display block, what happens with the the previous output of the display block Is the output replaced or the new output is added to the page

I have a block that outputs some HTML code. At the second call of the timer, the output looks strange and the browser gives an error.

Code Snippet
environment is not defined
(no name)(undefined)PreviewViewer.asp... (line 119)
doCallback()timer.js (line 33)
func()Main.js (line 89)

Thanks a lot.

Re: Timer and display blocks


It's dependant on the display block as the timer just invokes the method and that handles any logic, say for example in the case of the photo display blocks it simply adds the new images to the exisiting ones but they could as well remove all the existing ones and only add the new ones. Though in the case of custom HTML you would have to manage how it's outputed i.e. is it appended or replaced. If you could share the mashup your trying to write we might be able to help debug it a bit more.

Re: Timer and display blocks

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The display blocks have an Add operation that adds information to the display. Generally new output is added to the page.

Thanks for the code snippet. It would help to have some more context. Would you share your block and your mashup using the block