Steven J. Reed

I've been using MapCruncher with VE5 for a while now and it seems to have gone away this am!

Now with VE6 and it being somewhat more official as part of the product, are we supposed to reference it differently I'm still using "" and MSR.CVE...and it no longer works!

Of course appears to have died, so it may just be a temporary problem.

Re: What happened to MapCruncher?

Derek Chan

Since MapCruncher is now an official part of VE the new link is now:

My estimate is that the site is temporarily down as the site is not reserved just for mapcruncher.


Re: What happened to MapCruncher?

Steven J. Reed

OK...but where is the javascript

I concur that the site must have been down and that is now the "official" MapCruncher site, but how to I access the js

I changed my <script src="" type="text/javascript"></script> to <script src="" type="text/javascript"></script> and my crunched objects do not appear!

Of course the research site is back up so this isn't a big deal, but I would like to go the "Official" way.

Re: What happened to MapCruncher?

Keith K (MSFT)

The new path is:

<script type="text/javascript" src="" ></script>

Re: What happened to MapCruncher?

Steven J. Reed

Well that pointed me there, but did not actually fix the problem.

I see from other posts that I need to rewrite my logic to load the Crunched layers differently, i.e., the MSR.CVE.ImportLayersFromAnchorHRef() and MSR.CVE.ActivateAlphaLayer don't work anymore!

Yes it looks easier, but having to rework the logic was not on my list of things to do.

Re: What happened to MapCruncher?

Steven J. Reed

Well I thought I would be able to simply take my existing code and modify it to work. However, the examples I've found are all a year old and use VE3 or 4! Those contain methods (i.e., map.AddTileSource) that no longer exist in VE6. Is there a VE6 example somewhere

My old code:

try {

MapCruncherLayerList = MSR.CVE.ImportLayersFromAnchorHRef(MapCruncherXMLFile)}

catch (err) {}

if (MapCruncherLayerList && MapCruncherLayerList.length > 0) {

MSR.CVE.ActivateAlphaLayer(map, MapCruncherLayerList, id)}

My new code:

var crunchLayer = new VETileSourceSpecification(id, MapCruncherXMLFile);

// Min/max values are based upon display extents

var topLeft = new VELatLong(ymax, xmin)

var bottomRight = new VELatLong(ymin, xmax)

crunchLayer.Bounds = new VELatLongRectangle(topLeft, bottomRight);

crunchLayer.MinZoomLevel = 1; // Note: This is documented as MinZoom, but that property does not exist!

crunchLayer.MaxZoomLevel = 20;

crunchLayer.Opacity = 100;

crunchLayer.ZIndex = 100;

map.AddTileLayer(crunchLayer, true);

My Crunched file does not appear! Any suggestions!

Re: What happened to MapCruncher?

Jeremy - MS Research


Sorry about the downtime -- all of MIcrosoft Research moved into a new building over last weekend, and our servers were down for a couple of days.

However, as some others have noted, there are now actually two versions of MapCruncher - a commercial version supported by VE, and our research version. The commercial version generates sample HTML that points to JavaScript hosted by the VE servers, not our research servers.


Re: What happened to MapCruncher?

Steven J. Reed

By looking at the SamplePage.html I have been able to determine how to use MapCruncher with VE6. My new code is as follows:

document.getElementById("txtMapCruncherFile").href = "http://" + filename

var crunchedLayerManager = new VE.MapCruncher.CrunchedLayerManager(map)


if (crunchedLayerManager.layerList.list.length > 0) {

try {

var layer = crunchedLayerManager.layerList.find(layername)}

catch (err) {}

if (layer) {



However, I have a couple of problems with this. The javascript that this calls throws up alert windows it a) the file doesn't exist, and b) the layer doesn't exist. I would really prefer not to have these alerts popup! Any suggestions

Addditionally, where is the VE.MapCruncher.CrunchedLayerManager documented It's putting up a unpopulated drow down that I really don't want to see!

Re: What happened to MapCruncher?

Steven J. Reed

Did I mention that I had to recreate the Crunched files that were created with the Research MapCruncher with the VE MapCruncher Not sure why, but apparently there is incompatibility!

The unpopulated Drop Down was the Legend. I could not determine how to get it hidden, so I wiped it out with

document.getElementById("VE_MapCruncher_legend_box").outerHTML="". There's got to be a better way, right

I'm still wondering where the MapCruncher.js is documented, but by reading it I was able to get around these problems and get my app working again.