Carl J

I'm having an issue with overriding the CallABGreetingProc and ABGreetingProc methods.

What I'm attempting to do, is have the bot skip the default welcome message, and process the user's input.

But for some reason though, when a new user arrives, they have to say something twice for the first message to go through.

I know that this is something stupidly easy, but for some reason I just can't get it to work.

Any ideas are greatly appreciated.


Carl J

Re: Overriding CallABGreetingProc and ABGreetingProc

BrittCoop - MSFT

You can do the following:

+ VAR=AnythingPerfect
- Your Welcome Message
- <empty/>
rematch VAR

The user will see the Welcome Message and have his/her question answered.

-Britt MSFT