|-100838|-1|Security violation.|

I get this when calling getCampaigns. Does this have anything to do with me trying to hit the service too many times ( just a wild guess )

|-199999|-1|Microsoft adCenter was unable to complete your request. Please try again. If this problem continues, contact the adCenter Support Team for assistance.|

This seems to be a recurring problem when calling GetOrders.


Re: Api Error Messages

Julien Dephix


for the Security Violation, are you setting the headers properly (username, password, key)

Re: Api Error Messages

Shai Kariv - MSFT

It's not related to you calling the APIs frequently.

Sounds more like an auth problem.

Re: Api Error Messages

Jeff Dillon - MSFT

This error can occur if you pass in the Account Number ("X12345") versus the corresponding AccountID (22222). You call GetAccounts first to obtain the AccountID, then use this number when calling getCampaigns. Hope this helps.