i dont know if im posting this in the right place but ive recently bought a new laptop ACER Aspire 9300 with Vista.

It will not let me run Live Messenger and says something about a DEP (Data Execution Prevention)

Can anyone tell me how i can get Messenger to work because as soon as it opens it get shut down again.


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Telephone man

I am having the same problem,

It is with my new Acer laptop.

I was reading that you can install an old version of messanger then upgreade to the newest and it will work
I will try it out

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i have the same problems too! I just bought a new acer laptop with windows vista.... I downloaded the new windows live messenger but i cant seem to open it!

can someone help me

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I am having same problem on Acer 5636. Have found if you right click on the MSN Live Messenger Icon and select Sign in as Administror it runs. However sound on video calling was very broken and cracky. Must be something to do with compatability to vista although I find that very strange as is Microsoft Progarm. i am no expert and finding this very frustrating as well having just upgraded to New Acer laptop, seems there are issues with Vista. Anybody who knows the solution please help us all.


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Hmmm.... I have an Acer desktop (surely a coincidence) and same problem.

Some people have success by uninstall and then get latest Adobe Flash player (v9) installed first and re-install Messenger.

Can't see how that would help myself.

You can always use the client via the Internet

Failing that try installing Messenger 7.5 - so it is not the latest version but at least it seems to be more stable than version 8.1!

Nothing on TechNet yet but I can't believe MS have shot themselvces in the foot this badly!

Good luck,


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Same problem here, New Acer 5684 Laptop with vista
downloaded the latest version of live messenger ver 8.1.0178.00 and it crases as soon as i try to sign in or after 10 - 30 sec idle, pops up with "Data Execution Prevention (DEP)" message

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I uninstalled Adobe Flash player (v9) thav was installed, and now it starts normaly, and msn works fine, then i installed Flash player again. Now it works fine. I'm happy.

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Exactly the same here.

I uninstalled version 8.1. of live messenger and then downloaded and installed version 8.0.

now the problem is gone, for the moment.... waiting for a fix on version 8.1

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the solution is to go to the windows live messenger icon right-click and select administrator it worked for me on my acer 5630

ps this works for 8.1 i havent tried any of the rest

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Hi there all

I feel your frustration I bought a new toshiba satellite L30 and had no problems with messenger working but i cant get msn windows to reconise my pitures on the laptop i can upload pictures to my website and i cant get pictures on emails through msn either i have tried what said on another post on here but it not work does anyone know how to get round this.


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If you right click messenger and go into its properties. Select the compatibility tab and run messenger in windows xp sp2 mode.

That should then work. If not run in administrator mode also. Fixed.

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gemma 99

hi i have also bought a acer laptop and im having the same problems did you find the answer to your problem

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i'm not sure if it's vista or acers data security management. most of you probably have messenger version 8.1. if so, acer has provided a patch to fix the problem. here's the site. i haven't done it yet, but i'll let you know how it goes.

if you do not own an acer, this will not fix your problem. recordid=1130&formid=3390&

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I Have now run this patch as instructed, takes you to ACER USA site,(can't find patch on UK site) and it works. Messanger now runs, but can't seem to get it to run and sign in auto when connected or at windows start up. All the correct boxes are ticked in the General options section.

Also still find major noise issue when making Video Calls. Makes load of hissing/crackiling/ popping sounds. Picture fine but sound cannot be turned up beacuse of this issue. any ideas to cure this anybody


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i have not been so lucky, i have an acer aspire 9301AWSMi and i have also had the exact same problem with DEP crashing messenger,

i have tried everything mentioned in this forum from making sure i have the uptodate version of adobe flash to uninstalling adobe flash, tried again by re-installing adobe flash. I have re-installed messenger 8.1, uninstalled messenger completely and installed messenger 8.0, still no solutions.

i tried this link " recordid=1130&formid=3390&" but i get an error message saying something about macromedia server and not being able to map the address

i am stuck and i spent hours on this but i have found a way to continue using messenger without having to use the annoying web messenger!! yay!

If you are running vista then visit microsoft Sidebar gadgets gallery website - link in the sidebar gadget gallery and search the gadgets for messenger live sidebar gadget. You should find the messenger sidebar gadget and install this to your sidebar.

When you are done then close all instances of messenger, load up the sidebar gadget and click on sign-in. it will then run messenger from the sidebar perfectly which will allow you to view contacts (only via the sidebar) and you get all of the normal chat windows etc and full functionalty of webcam etc etc etc.

The only problem is as soon as i go to load up the messenger main window again from the system tray then it freezes and DEP kicks in and messenger crashes.

Just thought i would mention this, if anybody knows why the link is not working for the patch then please let me know, i have tried to find the patch via acer website us and uk but have not had any luck.