When I enter "Writhlington, United Kingdom" to maps.live.com search then the correct destination is found.

When I call this:

map.Find(null,'Writhlington,United Kingdom',null,null,null,null,true,true,false,true,LocationResults);

Then I get completely different results - API tries to match similar sounding names but does not find the correct one.

Is there any way how can I get the same results as on maps.live.com



Re: Different results on Find method and maps.live.com

Derrick (MSFT)

maps.live.com is using an improve geocoder. To get the new results on the API, you'll have to use the v6 API. map.Find(null,'Writhlington,United Kingdom'); returns the same result in v6 and maps.live.com.

However, that's currently, 1 limitation in the API. It will only use the new improved geocoder if the what parameter is empty. So, map.Find("pizza",'Writhlington,United Kingdom'); will end up using the old geocoder.

Re: Different results on Find method and maps.live.com



Thanks a lot! That explains that. I will migrate to v6.