Dan Brinkmann

Has anyone attempted to do a seating chart using the map engine The problem with most seating charts is there is no lat/long info and users wouldnt have this either. I would ideally like to use an image and store the location users are seated at as an x,y combination and overlay the image with users seats.

Any ideas, better ideas am i trying to use this for something it wasnt intended

Re: seating chart with Live?


Not that i have done anything like this with VE but i reckon it is possible.

First apporach is to supply a complete new tile source to the VE engine

Have a read of this:


So unfortunaly you have to hack the VE js to get only your tiles to appear, and you need some way to cut up your seating chart on the fly using a httphandler.

Here you would ignore the whole lat/long thing and simply cut your image into 4 and then 4 and then 4 etc.

You can then use soem helper functions to translate a latlong into an actual pixel location at a given zoom level, this is rather easy. I think that code has some but it not look at this one:


The second approach is much easier. Using mapcruncher import your seating plan as a jpg or pdf (great if it is vector based) , over lay to the approximate position of the venue on the earth, align and then set the zoom level to something really detailed like 24 (from memory they now support 32 = fraction of an inch) and export the many tiles as a layer. My understanding is that to support zoom level above 19 though you need to use the code from those guys although i have never tried.


for example here is a floor plan done with mapcruncher:


(edit) forgot to add that although the 2nd approach is easier it means the seating plan must be facing north, you don't restirct the user to just the seating plan (they can see the location of the actual venue and even get driving directions etc), you need to use the lat/long values (which could be cool) for pushpins. Pretty cool to use your gps to find your seat Wink
While the first method basically uses the engine but gets rid of the whole planet earth stuff so you present the actual seating plan, could plot pins based on a calculation of pixels on the image itself.

let me know how you go!