When I reserched Licensing for s small commercial but authenticated site I ran into the disparity of the license & TOU.

I can use 100,000 transactions a day for free if the site is public but can't do 100 a day if it is private without paying.

How much - I asked MS and they said $8000 per year !!!!

So I wonder if I can avoid the TOU trap if I put my VE button on a public page and just redirect my users to that page whenever they want to see a map.


Anyone can see and use myMap.aspx - it is thus 'public'

Authenticated users click on a "go to map' button inside my private site that takes them back outside to myMap.aspx

MyMap.aspx uses code to read session variables to customize the map experience for the user and display layers etc

I know that none of us are lawyers but does this sound ok



Re: Licensing / Terms of Use - possible workaround?


No one is going to able to provide legal advice on these forums Bill.

Essentially is your site a intranet or private website The TOU are pretty clear. But I agree it would be nice to have some examples, this site is public, this site is private, this site is an intranet etc, this is what they pay/do for the service.

It sounds like you're going to find a model that makes your website public to conform to the TOU.