In fact, can I use all the apis etc. and my own server to supply the map tiles I have an app where that is what I want to do and there will be circumstances where my app may not be connected to the web.

In fact, what I would really like is just some sort of XAML/SilverLight that is geo coordinate aware.

Re: Can I use Virtual Earth without internet connection?

Derek Chan


Virtual Earth is strictly an online product but the offline version that your looking for is really what Mappoint Desktop 2006 is for. It uses static maps and a lot of the features possible through Virtual Earth. The data and maps are older but the solution is much cheaper (only a few hundred dollars). You can find more information here:

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Yeah, I had looked around at that mappoint. That looked like a desktop solution. It didn't look like something that I could incorporate into our product...

Thanks for the reply.

Re: Can I use Virtual Earth without internet connection?


There has been talk that Vexcel will be releasing a VE appliance for offline use - essentially a server that houses the data you require. I assume this would be targeted at large business and government needing higher performance / higher security. They also mentioned a laptop version.

You could consider a custom application and contact VE sales about licensing the tiles themselves. The issue you face is there is a lot of tiles. Really the solution is best for a connected device, rendering maps from raw data like a TomTom device does is more storage friendly.