How do you make a page public so you don't have to login into Passport to view it

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well since i am the first to answer... think of it like this: i was in the lord of the rings online beta (beta!) and i started playing the game something like 3 and a half month¡¯s before the release date. even with that short of a release, a beta soon to be public and some videos and screenshots on the internet already i had signed a non disclosure agreement by accepting the terms of the beta. that meant i was not allowed to share any information i had from the game like screenshots, features, how the clouds looked like or whatever. i was not allowed to give out any details of the game to anyone outside the beta. and this - is an alpha. so i have basically no idea how the policy is with this but i guess you will just have to wait until you can really put your popfly webpage online so the world can look at it. unless of course you have already seen someone from the alpha post stuff on the web without getting sued for it and i just missed out on that information Stick out tongue.

Re: making pages public


On the "My Projects" page which is linked to from the top right. You can share a mashup by clicking on "Share" once shared click on the "Embed" link, you will see some HTML containing an iframe tag withing the tag there is an attribute 'src' which has a URL. That URL is the anonymously accessible URL for your mashup. With a shared mashup the URL looks like: