The VE Javascript tries to clean up after itself on this line:


The parentNode of b (during normal operation) is the body tag. The problem is, by onUnload (in Firefox anyway) body is gone, and this throws an error. I think this function should be checking for empty parentNode at the least...

Re: BUG: b.parentNode has no properties (Firefox)

Derek Chan

Where is this exactly being invoked from From what I can tell it's in a method called VE_Panel but I'm not sure how it's getting invoked and what purpose this method serves. Can you please expand on this


Re: BUG: b.parentNode has no properties (Firefox)


It's getting called from DisposeAllMaps() which is attached as an unload event listener on window.

Re: BUG: b.parentNode has no properties (Firefox)

Chris Pendleton

This bug has been replicated, but only while running Firebug. Can you validate this

Chris Pendleton (MS)

Re: BUG: b.parentNode has no properties (Firefox)



I see this quite often in the error list from Firebug in Firefox, as it occurs on unload it doesn't appear to effect the user experience. I have not seen this in IE6 or IE7. It would be great to get this fixed.

On a side note can we confirm if we should still be explicitly calling map.Dispose() on page unload Its is not in the V5 documentation.

If so I have noticed that in the ASP.NET AJAX world all the dispose methods have a small "d".