I have a button in my html page (which is housed in a webBrowser control on a form) to save the lat and long of a pin.

when this button is clicked i want to pass these values back to the form to be saved.

i would also like to be able to run c# subroutines from the click of a html button.

how could i do this



Re: Fire C# routine on html button click

Re: Fire C# routine on html button click

Derek Chan


If your using the 2.0 framework you can convert the HTML button into a server control and then handle the click event in your code behind.

There's a tutorial on how to do that here:


Re: Fire C# routine on html button click

Duncan Garratt

Here is an example of calling an external JavaScript function that will pass JavaScript variables from a web browser embeded in a winform to the winform or class

using System.Security.Permissions;

//Add to namespace

[PermissionSet(SecurityAction.Demand, Name = "FullTrust")]



function YourJavaScriptFunction()


// do something here in JavaScript to get the variable values

// Passing variables back to the winform



//C# method to receive the the variables

public void GetPanEndExternal(double LatNorth, double LatSouth, double LongEast, double LongWest, string mapStyle, int zoomLevel)


//do something here with the variables

// Such as firing a custom event etc


Here is C# code to invoke a script within the embeded web browser

// PanTo is the JavaScript funcation to execute

VEBrowser.Document.InvokeScript("PanTo", new string[] { Latitude.ToString(), Longitude.ToString() });

Duncan Garratt