I get a default MiniMap display . . . but it will not render the same way it appears on the interactive SDK as well as "". Both of these views show a centered map with a white 6 pixil border with a 1 pixil #cbcbcb stroke around that. The MiniMap that renders on my page is right justified and almost blends into the main map behind and shows 12 pixils of white on the left.

Is this something that needs to be manipulated with CSS inside of the ShowMiniMap Method Or, because this is a default rendering of the MiniMap is one just stuck with what you get If this can be fixed or manipulated somehow --- can this Method then be called and placed inside of a moving div that is similar to what appears on the site or what I was able to develop with the Google API

I searched everything I could before I posted but I have had no luck finding any documentation pertaining to the MiniMap other than the very basic MSDN examples in ShowMinMap under VEMap Methods.

Thank you for any help . . .

Re: map.ShowMiniMap();

Derek Chan

Basically the mini-map at has been enhanced but as to how exactly the close button and expand buttons were implemented is a mystery you'll need to pull apart by analyzing all the backend CSS and javascript on that page

Re: map.ShowMiniMap();


I found the answer using CSS style. The default left: is 4%. I changed it to 0.25% and the MiniMap is perfectly centered on the white background.

<style type="text/css">

#myMap_dashboard {




#MSVE_minimap_content {

left: 0.25%;