Hi all

I have problems when I try to print a map with a route drawn on it, in fact, tha problem is in Firefox browser.

It only prints the route and the icons, not the map, it like a transparent div is on the map and this browser can’t print it.


Sorry for my bad English!

Re: Problems printing maps!!

Caleb T - MSFT

Are you seeing this problem in your own mashup, or in the local.live.com site If this is in your own site, you have to do a lot of CSS work to get the maps to print well...there are settings you have to make for "print only" output, and it is WAY beyond my knowledge, I'm afraid. Hopefully there is some CSS guru lurking on the forum.

If you are seeing this in the local.live.com site, let me know, and I'll pass it on to that team.

Re: Problems printing maps!!


Hi ,

I am having the same problem. Were you able to find a solution


Re: Problems printing maps!!


Did anyone find this solution for printing in firefox

Re: Problems printing maps!!


When I first display a map in Firefox, it prints perfectly. If I then move the map (either zoom or pan), the tiles no longer print but the pushpins do. I have not been able to discover a solution.