I have created two simple mashups. Both work in preview. I saved both to My Projects, shared them, went to Mashout and copied the Iframe code. I copied the code into an html page and uploaded to the server. Neither project works online. Both display the following error message

Any help would be appreciated.

ERROR: Unable to get data from ' appid={{KeyEnc:55A76557AF10B16AD5A0E00757445783644E8024EE5BDFAAB174911B57BE4B52DBBE47450BC56BC0BF3EABB51682EDCDE02391E04F22ADA6BFBF9A23A072F863B5EBA0A4FE6D8F267F1618FBB3C85443F536934619B93843946C4875FCFD117B2ABFB05B4BB9241B530A143BE5A6B277B947FD6060951C52F7E6BD438FDB30AC1071A8B9DD054F57FC363B4CFA780B7E843313F34FCFFC0C6486AEF507DBAED96E69BE2DB08580238EB833F3D4586903B3424058C1EA168325645C92E89DC44AA63C7837B96F2B7F03705B808CA577C3}}&query=Internet&results=10&language=en' (error code 400). The site may not currently be operational, so please don't shoot the messenger!

Re: Embed not working


Thanks for the bug report! it looks like an issue with our key management system, we'll have a look into it. Resaving the project might help in the mean time. Also do you have a key for Yahoo News