I went to the georss sample in the interactive SDK and it works fine in both 2D and 3D mode. I clicked on the display source tab and hit the copy button to grab a copy. I pasted this into notepad and saved it as geotest.html. This runs in the browser and displays the map and the message about downloading the georss source file which I did. The source georss file looks fine in notepad and in ie (my default xml viewer). When I click on the button to load the georss file, I get the message:

"Cannot load source file". The file loaded event does not fire. As far as I can tell, I have all the file names correct. I am using .XML for an extension. What stupid thing am I missing here The same technique has worked for all the other samples I have tried. Nothing in the forums seems to indicate that this is broken. I have wasted way to much time on this! Can somebody confirm that they have tried the sample Any tricks required


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Duncan Garratt

Try this code and build your XML from here.

The example only seems to work if you use the example URL.

Code Snippet

< xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" >

<rss version="2.0" xmlns:geo="">


<title>Hurricane Tracking Current Plot</title>


<description>Proof of Concept - Jared Hall</description>

<item><name>TROPICAL STORM ERNESTO</name>

<description>Pressure: 1007 &lt;br&gt; Winds: 35</description>







Good Luck


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Thanks for the reply but I am afraid I get the exact same error. I changed the link from "yourserver" to a valid link in my domain and substitued a valid GIF file in the same directory I had the georsstest.html file in for "someImageFileonYourMachine.gif". but I still get an error box with "Unable to load sourcefile."

By "The example only seems to work if you use the example URL" I assume you mean all the same file names. I tried to copy it as faithfully as possible but still had no luck.

Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated!


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are you running this locally off the disk or on a web server I found I had to run it on a webserver to work


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Jared H

That is a good point -- the GeoRSS import is an AJAX XmlHttpRequest. The reference can be a relative path to the hosted map control, but it's a requirement nonetheless that a web server be handling the request..

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Bingo! That would be my problem as I am running it off a local disk / file. If the samples are updated, it would help if the description mentioned this.....